Samsung Odyssey + HMD Review

Samsung Odyssey + Plus Review

Samsung Odyssey + Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Headset of premium quality. With this Head Mounted Display you can enjoy the Mixed Reality (MR) by connecting the Samsung Odyssey Plus to your computer.

The mixed reality reflects your movement in real life and you can simultaneously share the experience with others. You can view various images, videos, webpages, or games. Pair controllers to your computer for a more immersive experience.

Samsung developed Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE) Display technology and with that the Odyssey Plus is able to defeat the issue of “Screen Door Effect”.

Screen door effect can hinder a users experience and can often lead to mild dizziness and nausea. Anti-SDE actually reduces fixed pattern noise and pushes the display capabilities to an estimated PPI (pixels per inch) of 1,233 PPI2. Combine this technology with the dual 3.5” AMOLED displays and the results are serious quality VR experience.

Samsung Odyssey +

Mixed Reality Portal

Connect the Mixed Reality Portal app (Windows OS) to experience Mixed Reality. If you connect the HMD to your computer, the Mixed Reality Portal app will launch automatically.

You can preview the portal screen on your monitor without wearing the HMD and enjoy the Mixed Reality Portal with others at the same time. The portal has 2D apps and 3D holograms are located throughout the Mixed Reality Portal. You can move them to where you want or change their size.

Samsung Oddyssey plus Welcome to Windows Mixed Reality

Samsung Start Screen

The Mixed Reality Portal start screen will appear when you press the controller’s Windows button.

samsung hmd odyssey setup screen

AKG by Harman Headphones

Aspiring Audiophiles have been choosing the AKG brand since before 1994. After then, Harman (Harman Kardon) International acquired them. We all know Harman is serious audio. Simply put, the built-in AKG premium headphones provide a high quality 360-degree spatial sound capable of simulating realistic 3D audio.

Samsung Odyssey + Details

The headset is actually quite comfortable and is even 10% lighter than the original Odyssey. Compared to other VR headsets, this does not have a flip up visor. However, it has a ton of padding in the all important areas such as the face mask and nose to keep light out. Keeping light out is more important than having the ability to flip it up.

All of the above results in solid-seal which is the important for getting the best VR experience.

You can adjust the clamp on the rear of the headset to make more adjustments based on your head size.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ features OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays. Just like Samsung phones and Samsung TVs, OLED panels push out way more vibrant images compared to LCD. Matter of fact, everything we saw in mixed reality is simply a lot more vibrant and lively.

We really have to refer back to the sound once again. The premium quality headset has premium quality built-in speakers. Because of this, there is no need to use additional headphones or depend on your computer’s audio. With the headset’s spatial audio that means the audio follows your head movements.

This is why proper sound quality is important. It is simply required to create a very immersive experience, especially when watching videos in virtual reality.

The investment and amount of detail that Microsoft has put into Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is actually quite impressive. They are making some serious leaps and bounds in the VR/AR space with Medical Surgery Technology and so much more. For home users once you connect your HMD there’s a special Start Menu for Windows Mixed Reality that is compact and will follow you wherever you go once its turned on.

Incredibly, WMR also integrates with notifications and your PC. You can open apps like Mail and Calendar and pretty much any other app that you have on your PC and use it in virtual reality.

Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality / Windows Mixed Reality

With a stunning resolution of 2880 X 1,600 (1,440 X 1,600 per eye) and the crisp detail of its dual-AMOLED display, you can immerse yourself in Virtual Reality / Windows Mixed Reality. The stunning graphics and perfectly complemented 360 degree Spatial Sound is fast to respond to deliver and overall rich and dynamic sound.

Easy To Setup

You can set up your Samsung HMD Odyssey+ in minutes which allows you to then jump directly into the action and experience a more fluid user experience. The intuitive controls support “6 degrees of freedom” (6DOF) and a 110 degree viewing angle. It is lightweight and easy to set up in minutes.

For the Tech Savvy

  1. There is software out there to allow you to connect HTC Vive controllers and base stations to the odyssey, so if you want even more tracking you have that as an option.
  2. Increasing super sampling in Steam VR will dramatically improve clarity in games. We tested super sampling to 2.0 and the odyssey plus is the clearest we have ever seen in virtual reality.

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