Ray-Ban Stories Meta Smart Glasses Review

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review 2022 Meta Glasses Store

After a couple months of using Ray-Ban Stories Smart sunglasses, we think the glasses are cool and especially useful for making phone calls. As summertime rolls in, you are going to need sunglasses right? We also like snapping photos quickly versus getting our phones out of our pockets.

The first person point of view with photos and video is pretty neat. Battery life continues to do well with the only real limitation being that you have to put the glasses in its charging case to charge them versus just a quick charging cable or something.

The camera is not too bad when compared to an Apple iPhone and the speaker system is ok.

We definitely think of bringing our Ray-Ban Stories with us when going to a party, heading the beach, or anywhere where catching photos and videos exist.

Ray-Ban Stories Meta Smart Glasses – On The Street Reviews

People seem to notice that we are wearing these and one of the most common questions is regarding fit. They were a tiny bit snug at first, but after about 3 days of wear they seemed to have stretched nicely for an even better fit.

We like the fact that the frame arms fit behind our ears which gives us a sturdy confidence that they will not simply fall off. There is really no need to adjust anything. The glasses are comfortable. Surprisingly, with the technology that is built in, they are not heavy at all. For us, the overall fit is nice and snug.

The next question we often get is about battery life. We are seeing about 3 hours of use and the charging case uses a USB C connector.

Some people have noted that they can not really tell the difference between the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Stories Smart Glasses and the classic Wayfarer (non-smart) glasses. Basically, we think that they look great.

If the Black Wayfarer style is not your thing, these smart glasses do come in more than just the Black Wayfarer style. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer smart glasses have 8 color options and there are other styles and colors like the Round and Meteor Style Smart Glasses with 4 and 5 color options.

We have gotten several questions about the tech itself. But the most common questions are about the cameras and storage. There are two 5MP cameras, two open air speakers, 3 microphones, and 4GB of storage.

You can also sync with the Facebook View application and download pictures and video to your phone and easily share them to any place you like.

Several other questions have evolved around the device controls and ease of use.

The right frame arm controls media playback and volume while the button on the top of the arm is a camera shutter button. On the inside on the left arm there is a switch that you can use to turn the glasses on, off, or pair them to your phone.

Pairing the smart glasses to your phone is required when making phone calls and syncing the Facebook View Application. We really like the ability to turn the glasses off when the smart stuff is not in use so that we can save on battery life.

These ray ban smart glasses run on a fast Qualcomm chip and we really have not seen much delay at all.

Letting people sample the glasses, the consensus regarding sound and camera quality are that the sound quality from the Ray-Ban Stories are quite enjoyable and frankly, not bad at all. While they do not quite compare to a set of high quality earbuds, there is a basic level of warmth and richness of the audio.

There were quite a few comments regarding the cameras and privacy. We could literally be recording video and taking photos at any time and people simply would have had no idea. It did make us feel kind of creepy to be honest.

Since we are dog lovers, we were mostly taking pictures of dogs at the dog park. However, we could see where those with the worst of intentions could potentially violate peoples privacy easily.

At close range, people will know if you take a picture because there is loud shutter sound that comes from the speakers within the glasses and the LED lights up. You can also issue the verbal command “Hey Facebook – take a picture” and the glasses will do just that. Cameras in any form will always present a privacy concern, but we think that people can sneak a picture or video from a phone just as easily.

So what is in the box when your Ray-Ban Stories order from Meta Glasses Store arrives?

Inside the box you get the carrying case/charger, cleaning cloth, a USB-C cable and Facebook Assistant built in. Everything that you need to get started.

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