Meta Glasses Ray-Ban Stories New Features and More Countries

Ray Ban Stories More Countries and New Features

Ray-Ban Stories new features include connecting with more friends from different parts of the globe including Austria, Belgium, and Spain. The Smart Glasses maker has released their Stories Meta Glasses to more countries. At the time of writing, in addition to Austria, Belgium, and Spain, France is schedule to be next.

While Ray-Ban limited the initial launch for the line of smart glasses was limited to only the USA (2021), these Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses are proving to be a hit. With open-ear speakers and dual cameras housed inside your choice of three frame styles in five colors.

For those that have already purchased Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

If you have already purchases your Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses, new and existing wearers will be able to benefit from a software update that increases video recording time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

This also demonstrates that any new software feature should be available for all, regardless of your purchase date. That is important as the research and development continues to make strides to improve the product.

When Ray-Ban Stories, were initially released, we had some concerns based on what we had already seen on the market. Snapchat Spectacles were proven to be a sort of novelty, and audio glasses like the Amazon Echo Frames were just mediocre.

We have been optimistic about smart glasses in general due to the potential that they represent. Imagine truly untethering you from your phone and engaging with the world around you.

Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses made in conjunction with Facebook. That is one of the most important differences between the snapchat and echo frames. Ray-Ban was worked hand in hand with Meta (formerly Facebook) to not only include both audio and camera features into a pair of stylish frames but to increase the software capabilities that Meta provides.

From what we have seen, Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses are the most versatile smart glasses and a step in the right direction.

A power switch within the left pivot turns the Stories on and off, while a LED marker within the right pivot lets you know its status. A catch button sits on the top edge of the right sanctuary, close to the front.

While not apparent, a touch-touchy surface outwardly of the right sanctuary gives call, playback, and volume controls through various taps and swipes.

The glasses fit cozily in the included hard-shell charging case, which is somewhat massive yet polished. It’s enveloped by dark fake calfskin, with a debossed Ray-Ban logo on the top. Within has extraordinary breaks for a protected fit, and to adjust the charging focuses on the glasses (on the right pivot, with the glasses collapsed) with those for the situation.

A USB-C port on the rear of the case charges the battery inside.

As per Facebook, you ought to have the option to get as long as six hours among charges, and the case can hold three extra full charges. That is with moderate utilization, however, and following 90 minutes stroll with the glasses playing music at greatest volume and taking different photographs and recordings, battery duration dropped from full to 43%.

In sunshine, the Stories take pleasantly sharp, fresh photographs, or if nothing else as fresh as 5MP can offer. Colors are reliably even, and somewhat close articles have a lot of detail. That detail drops off somewhere far off, however; the New York City horizon, while conspicuous in the above photograph, is minimal in excess of a small bunch of pixels assuming you zoom in, in view of the restricted goal.

Video recordings are smooth and similarly as very much uncovered and variety adjusted as photographs, yet they very usable for web-based entertainment.

In addition to shooting photographs, video recordings and paying music, you can also make phone calls! The balance of the audio from the meta glasses means that voices come through very clearly. The internal microphone works quite well.

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