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Virtual Reality for Kids

Virtual Reality for Kids

Virtual Reality for Kids – It’s All About Safety, Says Consumer Reports. This guide is written for parents, grand parents and other loved ones with kids aged 12 and under that are searching for virtual reality gift ideas for kids to explore immersive learning experiences. VR STEM learning with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics applications […]

VR Accessories Buyers Guide

VR Accessories Buyers Guide

VR Accessories Buyers Guide for different types of VR headsets and accessories. Extended batteries, VR mats, storage, and more. Our Complete VR Accessories Buyers Guide to enhance your Virtual Reality experience. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular as the technology evolves and prices start to go down. VR allows people to immerse themselves […]

Samsung Odyssey + HMD Review

Samsung Odyssey + Plus Review

Samsung Odyssey + Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Headset of premium quality. With this Head Mounted Display you can enjoy the Mixed Reality (MR) by connecting the Samsung Odyssey Plus to your computer. The mixed reality reflects your movement in real life and you can simultaneously share the experience […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 Virtual Reality

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 is really a modern gaming experience, made just better with a VR headset. This post is written with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind only. We know that a lot of pilots train and hone your skills for your professional roles in the airline industry and may be looking for a Complete […]

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